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The Little Mule is designed to keep everything you need at hand and safe from dropping. Its placement on the top of the ladder also helps reduce the risk of workers using the top step in violation of OSHA rules.

With the removable pan system, you can swap out supplies to work faster and easier.

Currently, we offer two ladder products that between them fit most three-legged or four-legged ladders from all major aluminium or fiberglass brands. By measuring the top of your ladder, you’ll know which Little Tool Mule is right for you.

I have been using the Little Mule now for 4 months. It’s easy to install and having all my material to run conduit runs at my fingertips makes running conduit so much faster. I spend less time up and down the ladder chasing material or picking it up from knocking it off the top of the ladder.

Ron Brandt

Master Electrician, Northern Illinois

The Little Mule is a product that increased my efficiency and safety on projects. I wasn’t up and down the ladder constantly. I wasn’t dropping components or tools because they were organized in place and most importantly, I wasn’t setting items on the top of the ladder and having them fall on me when I forgot about them and moved the ladder. I would highly recommend this product to both contractors and DIY-ers.

Heidi Fry

Homewerks, Inc.