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Here at Tool Mule HQ we are always looking for ways to help you work safer, faster, and easier!  There are dangers on any job site – winter weather can make things worse. For everyone that still has to get stuff done when the mercury drops, here are our fast five tips to keep yourself, your site, and your team safe.

  1. Site Maintenance

    Put a plan in place for daily review and clearing of all areas where workers park, walk, work, and gather.
    Have plenty of shovels, sand or de-icer.
    Kitty litter is great for creating traction on walkways and workstations.
    Designate one person to go through the site every morning to check for overnight damage to equipment, scaffolding, or work areas and to verify all snow and ice has been cleared.

  2. Storm Readiness

    Brief everyone on the signs of and treatment for frostbite and hypothermia, and what do if they are stranded at the site or in a car or truck as a result of storm or cold weather.
    Make sure all first aid kits have been updated and all fleet vehicles have an updated emergency kit with supplies.
    Make sure all fleet vehicles have had a winter mechanical inspection ensuring they are road ready for the winter months.

  3. Warming Area

    Provide a warming area for workers to come in out of the cold.  
    Have an ample supply of water and healthy snacks.
    Take it easy on the coffee and energy drinks – too much caffeine raises the heart rate and makes you feel warmer than you are – which could lead to hypothermia.

  4. Proper Gear

    Have a policy in place that ensures weveryone is coming to work in appropriate winter gear.  
    All workers should have heavy duty weather-proof hats, gloves, boots (with a non-slip footing), and jackets that will keep them warm for a full day’s work.  
    Create a plan that limits workers’ exposure to cold weather that is adjusted for the day’s temperature and conditions.

  5. Weather Watch

    Adjust all plans based on any changes in the weather for the day.  Be sure to watch all weather forecasts in order to anticipate any severe storms.  If bad weather is expected, work with your team t0 get workers off sites and out of weather early to avoid any unnecessary risks.  This includes calling any workers out of the field to help get them off the road before they are at risk of being stranded on the road due to stormy conditions.

Have a great week, and be safe out there.


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